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Preterm babies: Born fighters

Tiny hands and tiny feet
A world too big for them to meet

Born too soon, before their time
A journey ahead that’s uphill to climb

In their eyes, a flicker of light
A fighter’s spirit shining bright

Fighting hard to grow and thrive
And keep hope and love alive

Their journey starts with a rocky start
But they fight on with all their heart

Their parents watch with worry and fear
But they keep the faith and hold them near

In the NICU, a place of love and care
Their needs met with tender and gentle care

Specialised nutrition and breast milk, too
And endless hours of love aglow

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months
And finally, it’s time to go home at once

Their journey continues, but they’re strong and brave
With love and hope, they’ll overcome and pave

A path of growth and health and joy
A journey worth the struggles and pain they employ

Preterm babies, a reminder to us all
That life is precious, fragile and small


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